Hoe krul je je haar met een stijltang

How do you curl your hair with a hair straightener?

Curling your hair with a hair straightener may seem contradictory, but it is a versatile one
technique that creates beautiful curls and waves. This method offers a fantastic
way to change your look without needing multiple styling tools. We lay
you explain how to apply this styling trick step by step, which hair straightener works best for
curls, and how to get the most out of your hair straightener for the perfect curls.

How do you make curls with a hair straightener?

Creating curls with a hair straightener requires a bit of technique and practice. Start with dry
hair and make sure it is completely untangled. Clamp a small section of hair between the plates, twist

the hair straightener half a turn and slowly move it down to the ends. How
the slower you go, the tighter the curl. Repeat this process throughout your hair for a full look
bunch of curls or waves.
For a more natural look, alternate the direction you turn the straightener with each
new section. This gives a more relaxed and less uniform effect. Do not forget to
use a heat protectant product to protect your hair from possible heat damage
heat damage, such as the Royce Heat Protection spray with vitamin and argan oil.

Which hair straightener is the best?

For curling with a straightener, a narrow, lightweight straightener with rounded edges is recommended
the most suitable. This shape makes it easier to rotate the pliers and by you
move hair without snagging or pulling. Look for models, such as the Royce 2 in 2
ProStyle, with adjustable temperature settings to prevent overheating and damage to your
to prevent her.
The versatility of the Royce 2 in 1 ProStyle hair straightener makes it an ideal tool for
those who appreciate variety in their hairstyles, without having to use multiple tools
to use. With adjustable temperature settings, this hair straightener can be used for:
different hair types, increasing the risk of overheating and potential damage to you
hair diminishes. The high-quality materials and advanced technology guarantee a...
even heat distribution, for beautiful curls and waves every time. Choose the
Royce 2 in 1 ProStyle hair straightener for a combination of style, quality and versatility in you
hair care routine.

What is a good hair straightener?

A good hair straightener for both styling and curling has ceramic or titanium plates
even heat distribution and minimal hair damage. The device must be fast
heat up and have a range of temperature settings to suit different hair types and
styles to meet. Additional features such as automatic shut-off and a long cord are also included
very handy.

How do you use a hair straightener? 6 steps

Using a hair straightener correctly is very important for your health
hair to achieve the desired look. We will give you some tips and steps to take
to help you get the most out of your hair straightener:

  1. Choose the right temperature: Start by selecting the right one
    temperature setting based on your hair type. Fine or damaged hair required
    lower temperatures, usually between 150°C and 180°C, while thicker or coarser hair
    can handle higher temperatures, up to 230°C.
  2. Prepare your hair: Wash and dry your hair completely before using the straightener.
    Apply a heat protectant product to protect your hair from the heat
    and to reduce frizz.
  3. Section your hair: Divide your hair into sections for even styling. This makes it
    easier to reach every part of your hair and ensure a uniform look.
  4. Use the straightener: Place a section of hair between the plates, close to the roots.
    Hold the straightener and slowly pull it through the hair to the ends. Turn the
    hair straightener lightly to create curls or waves.
  5. Let your hair cool: After styling, let your hair cool before styling it further
    or brushes. This helps strengthen the curls or waves for a long-lasting look.
  6. Care after styling: Use a serum or hair oil to give your hair extra shine
    give and tame any frizz.

By following these six steps, you can style your hair safely with a hair straightener, whether you go
for a straight, smooth result or playful curls and waves.

Getting started: curling hair with a hair straightener

The versatility of the straightener means you can not only create straight looks, but also...
soft waves or tight curls. Experiment with the angle at which you turn the hair straightener
and the speed at which you move it through your hair to create different types of curls
to create. With some practice you can achieve a variety of looks, from beach waves
into tight curls. Get started and see how to create the most beautiful look.

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